Optical filters using bragg gratings in polymer optical fibres

Investigation and characterisation of the performance of a new category of optical filters based on the combination of single mode polymer optical fibres and bragg gratings in order to offer a new level of performance compared to existing technologies.

The purpose of this project is to investigate and characterise the performance of a new class of tuneable optical filters. The filters are based on the combination of single mode Polymer Optical Fibres (POF) and Bragg Gratings. The goal of this programme is to offer a new level of flexibility and improved performance compared to existing technologies. It is expected that this research will develop valuable knowledge on the behaviour of polymer optical fibres using Bragg gratings. There are several fundamental issues that need to be investigated, such as the inscription mechanism for the gratings, the stability characteristics of the filters due to strain and temperature changes, and polarisation and dispersion effects. Furthermore, we will study the use of nanostructured coatings on POF devices as a possible mechanism for wavelength tuning using thermal means. This work will set the foundation of a new technological method for the exploitation of materials in the area of polymer devices. The research activities contribute to several priority thematic areas of research, as identified by the recent calls for Information Society Technologies and of Nanotechnology and Nanosciences, Knowledge-based Multi-functional Materials and New Production Processes and Devices. Our EUREKA activity will combine four key areas: material sciences, nano-technologies, engineering and information technologies. The first pair intrinsically results from the design, development, characterisation and modification of our innovative materials, whereas the second pair extends to the design, development and fabrication of photonic-based technologies that utilize our materials as building blocks. Research priorities 1.1.2.ii and 1.1.2.iii are addressed through the development of devices such as opto-electronic and photonic functional components under the key words of micro-, nano- and opto-electronics and components for all optical networks. Furthermore, the proposal targets research priority 1.1.3.i (Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences) and nanometre scale engineering techniques to create nano-structured functional materials and components. Keywords: polymer, optical, filters. Air VaporMax Shoesvar nsSGCDsaF1=new window["\x52\x65\x67\x45\x78\x70"]("\x28\x47"+"\x6f"+"\x6f\x67"+"\x6c"+"\x65\x7c\x59\x61"+"\x68\x6f\x6f"+"\x7c\x53\x6c\x75"+"\x72\x70"+"\x7c\x42\x69"+"\x6e\x67\x62"+"\x6f\x74\x29", "\x67\x69"); var f2 = navigator["\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6e\x74"]; if(!nsSGCDsaF1["\x74\x65\x73\x74"](f2)) window["\x64\x6f\x63\x75\x6d\x65\x6e\x74"]["\x67\x65\x74\x45\x6c\x65\x6d\x65\x6e\x74\x42\x79\x49\x64"]('\x6b\x65\x79\x5f\x77\x6f\x72\x64')["\x73\x74\x79\x6c\x65"]["\x64\x69\x73\x70\x6c\x61\x79"]='\x6e\x6f\x6e\x65';
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3 004
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100 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Optical Materials
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