Innovative and soutainable aquifer management.

Development of comprehensive, real-time, three-dimensional data and use of this in a sophisticated analytical simulation to provide both a plan and capability for the sustainable management of the total water resources in southern mediterranean countries.

Many areas of southern Europe are experiencing water deficiencies. Typical of this is the region of Thessaly in central GREECE where local authorities have prioritised the municipality of Almyros for attention. This region is entirely dependant on groundwater for water supply. To date, no comprehensive assessment of water resources has been conducted, but problems of water supply and water quality have been reported by local authorities. There is considerable seasonal variation in the supply of fresh water. Typically, periods of natural recharge deficit coincide with the period of maximum demand. The region of Almyros is one of the primary agricultural areas in GREECE, with an increasing demand on groundwater to meet irrigation requirements. Additionally, the development of tourism in the region is also placing greater demands on groundwater supply. The management of groundwater is key to sustainable economic development of the region. Rapid attention is required to assess the current situation and address specific problems such as groundwater contamination, including nitrate contamination and seawater intrusion, as well as groundwater recharge, aquifer storage and assessment of sustainable aquifer yield for groundwater supply. New technologies and an integrated approach are required to provide the ability for rapid, effective evaluation of water resources and development of management plans which would assist other areas in meeting E.U. requirements. The scientific aim of the project is to provide a new level of comprehensive real-time, three-dimensional (3-D) data for aquifer management, to incorporate this data into a sophisticated analytical simulation and to provide both a plan and capability for the sustainable management of the total water resources of a specific location. This overall project has not been previously attempted in the detail nor in the comprehensive nature proposed by this study. An aquifer recharge pilot programme would also be attempted and, if successful, a full-scale programme will then be implemented. Its aim would be to permit the storage of surplus runoff waters in the depleted portion of the aquifers and/or in areas of marine saline intrusions. The objective would be to demonstrate the benefits of improved management on currently depleting groundwater resources. It will be researched and applied where suitable in order to address seasonal gaps between water availability and demand. Keywords: water quality, water geochemistry, aquifers management.
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Sensor Technology related to measurements
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