Modern method of tele-measurement and control for water utility companies

The study, design, development and manufacturing of an automatic system and electronic measurement in the meters of utility companies. The main aim is to develop different meter products in order to cover all existing measurement systems.

The aim of this project is to develop a comprehensive solution for meter-readouts to enable utility companies to have full control of supply flow and enhance their productivity and efficiency. The envisaged system will be the first to cover all aspects of modern metering and will bring to the market a highly modular package of hardware and software containing an extensive set of options, providing the capability to deal with various requirements of the application, as follows: 1. Handling various types of meters of different sizes from different manufacturers. 2. Handling meters installed in cluster as well as individually. 3. Supporting real-time reading as well as periodic reading. 4. Permitting the meter-reader employee to be connected on-line with the back-end system through the special hand-held terminal (HHT) for all activities in the field such as installation, readout, enquiries, verification, etc. MARAC and MICRONET have acquired vast experience in this specific market for over 15 years and are very familiar with the special requirements needed to achieve enhancements in productivity and efficiency. In addition to water metering, MICRONET is also experienced in electricity and gas metering and has thousands of installations around the world. The collaboration between the companies will create a synergy that can bring the best solution to the market. FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW: 1. A special electronic unit will be set on top of each meter. This unit will hold all data related to this meter and shall sense changes in the meter to be transmitted upon request to the outside world. By using a real time clock and bigger memory in several types of the electronic units, it will be possible to track consumption during different hours of the day as well as maximum and minimum consumption values. 2. Several variations of the reading method will be implemented: 2.1 Electronic Meter Reading (EMR) In crowded areas where a lot of meters are gathered in a small space, all the meters will be chain connected and the readout will be made by the employee from one point simply by connecting the HHT cable to the hub. In case of inaccessible meters, the electronic unit on top of it will be equipped with a short-range Radio Frequency (RF) modem and the readout will be made by the employee HHT from a distance. 2.2 Automatic Meter reading (AMR) Main meters can be connected on-line to the backend computer for continuous surveillance of consumption by adding Global Standard for Mobiles (GSM) wireless connection capability. 3. A sophisticated HHT will be modified for this application to enable the meter-reader employee to control all the necessary activities in the field, such as: 3.1 Communicating to the hub through cable. 3.2 Communicating to the meters through short-range RF modem. 3.3 Communicating to the utility office back-end system through General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) modem. Keywords: water meter, remote meter reading, automatic meter reading (AMR), electronic meter reading (EMR).
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3 041
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480 000.00€
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Mobile Communications
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