Self-destroying plastic granulates for packaging

Development of an environmentally-safe, renewable new material (a self-destroying plastic granulate) for the production of plastic goods for packaging. The main raw material is derived from agricultural products (potatoes, cereals and corn).

This project is in the field of macromolecular biochemistry, more specifically synthetic and natural biological polymers. The project deals with the production of a new material - a self-destroying plastic granulate - which will be used as an input raw material for the production of plastic goods. These goods can be used in a packaging technique and they will be self-destroying through the action of natural effects such as air, water and moisture. The self-destruction can be set to take from 2 hours to 5 years. The main raw material (converted starch, cellulose, resins, natural or synthetic rubber) is derived from agricultural products (potatoes, cereals and corn). This project provides an opportunity to improve agricultural products with existing technology. This project will be organized in cooperation with the Academy of Science, Department of Analytical Chemistry, CHEMISTRY-TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY PRAGUE, UNIVERYITA OF TOMAS BATA in Zlin. Keywords: renewable, self-destroying material.
Project ID: 
3 157
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
570 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Plastics, Polymers
Market Area: 
Packing products and systems

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