Global traceability system

Development of a global solution for manufacturing and traceability management by industrial enterprises (particularly agrifood companies).

Recent events, particularly in the agrifood sector (e.g. BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, so-called mad cow disease), dioxins), have created fear in customers and raised awareness in manufacturers on the traceability of manufactured products. The globalisation of materials' sources and the continuously increasing complexity of transformation have also modified consumer habits and have created some distance regarding the provenance of goods. In addition, many consumers are reluctant to buy genetically modified foods. These phenomena have contributed to an evolution in European regulations concerning food safety as well as local initiatives from retailers. These regulations and initiatives constrain agrifood (and more generally process-oriented manufacturers) to acquire information systems that allow them to follow and manage production and traceability. In response to these requirements, manufacturers have begun to set up control and analysis processes on the various stages of procurement and manufacturing, with some results regarding security and quality of the products. However, the updating of information systems has yet to take place, as traceability is currently managed on paper or spreadsheets. The current information management systems (ERPs (Enterprise Resources Planning), computer aided manufacturing) are not able to easily and cost-effectively meet new requirements concerning food safety and traceability. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), used to collect shop floor data, are generally poorly structured and do not provide for a global management of traceability data. Our objective is to develop a global solution for manufacturing and traceability management to provide Global Traceability to European Manufacturers, while being able to model any kind of situation, including traceability external to the manufacturing plant. The solution developed aims to help manufacturers to model, follow and access the traceability of their products, with an evolution from simple to complete traceability management. The solution's features will include: - Integrated and distributed software components. - Ability to work on different sites, environments and origins. - Adaptable to the existing IT (Information Technology) environment. - Progressive details level with easy configuration. - Web-based application. - Collaborative application (enables exchange of information and sharing of responsibilities between co-workers). Keywords: traceability, software, manufacturing.
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