High impedance analyser for diagnostics of anticorrosion coatings

Development of a low-cost high impedance analyser for anticorrosion coating diagnostics in the laboratory and in the field. The analyser is based on impedance spectroscopy realised with the aid of digital signal processing.

The project aims to develop a production technology and put into production a high impedance analyser for monitoring the quality and diagnosing anticorrosion coatings in the laboratory and in the field. The analyser is based on Impedance Spectroscopy (IS) technique, which determines electrical parameters of equivalent circuit to the anticorrosion coating, on the basis of the measured impedance spectrum as a function of measurement signal frequency. The shape and the parameters of the spectrum characterise the performance of the coating. In the Electronic Measurement Department of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, GDANSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Jerzy Hoja, PhD EE and Grzegorz Lentka, PhD EE, within the confines of the performed research, have designed and realised a laboratory version prototype of a High Impedance Analyser (HIA) with a power line supply. The instrument consists of a main unit, which is connected to the PC (Personal Computer) via RS-232 interface. The objects can be connected to the main unit using a measurement probe. The following functional blocks are used: * Input circuitry allowing measuring impedance in the range of 100Ohm
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3 174
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450 000.00€
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Electronic measurement systems
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