Interactive virtual mock-up assembly

Development and industrial integration of a virtual assembly tool for automotive product assembly design, training and ergonomics through innovation in cad-cam, real-time visualisation and force feedback integration fields.

The IVIMA (Interactive Virtual Moc-up Assembly) project aims to define and develop an innovative virtual assembly tool for automotive product assembly design, training and ergonomics. There are only a limited number of assembly tools on the market to study the feasibility and ergonomics of factory assembly tasks for vehicle parts using CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design - Computer Aided Manufacturing) descriptions. In addition, there is no complete real-time system on the market using force feedback devices, which is necessary for a visuo-kinesthesic evaluation. This kind of tool could be integrated in existing product process CAD-CAM design tools on the market. The IVIMA project aims to develop a prototype assembly-disassembly system, as well as the user evaluation of the final system. The software sales partners of the project will ensure the feasibility of integrating the resulting innovative software into existing CAD-CAM software packages. The IVIMA project is proposing a strong innovation in CAD-CAM, real-time visualization and force feedback integration fields for virtual automotive production / design, thanks to: - Use of recent force feedback technologies - Development and integration of efficient collision detection and mechanical law algorithms - Development and integration of collaborative display devices - The availability of a comprehensive and complementary set of skills within the project (software design, automotive product-process design, mechanics, real-time visualization, CAD-CAM data and user evaluation) - The availability of scientific knowledge for the evaluation and assessment of visuo-haptic systems. Keywords: virtual, mock-up, assembly.
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3 178
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3 790 000.00€
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Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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