Production of components of very pure steels for power devices

Design of new methods of the production of very pure steel based on 26nicrmov145. New forming and thermomechanical treatment technologies for this material will be also developed. The assumption is to produce devices for power plants from the new developed material.

Production of very pure steel components for power devices Mechanical properties of dynamic-stressed power devices play an essential role in their design. Most attention is paid to the combination of strength and toughness of the material and to its fatigue resistance. Therefore there are still new steels developed, in which purity (minimum content of residual elements, deoxidation-elements, etc.) is a very important factor, besides their alloying concepts. The production technology for processing such steels has been intensely investigated in recent years. The aim of this investigation is to develop technology, that will make it possible to reliably achieve required properties in mass production. The aim of the proposal is to design and verify new methods of production of very pure steel based on 26NiCrMoV145. Furthermore, for subsequent processing of this material, new forming and thermo-mechanical treatment technologies will be developed. The assumption is to produce devices for power plants from the newly developed materials, and that the material properties must fit to the requirements of the energy industry. The expected outputs of the project are: * Reduction of the content of residual elements of the investigated steel to P
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3 192
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1 290 000.00€
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Iron and Steel, Steelworks
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Electric companies

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