Innovative wireless metering system

To develop an internal wireless network which estimates, controls and presents the electricity consumption of a household or a sme. Blue watt is based on watteco technology and the great experience of connectblue in using the bluetooth technology.

WATTECO is a new intelligent meter that estimates simultaneously the electric consumption of all appliances in a household. With WATTECO, there's no longer any need to laboriously plug wattmeters onto every appliance to be measured. The installation is extremely simple; it consists of the insertion of the module between the main meter and the consumer unit plus an optional connection to the telephone line. As it contains no other equipment, WATTECO, once installed has no effect on any other appliance or the householder's behaviour. The main objective of the project consists of developing a WATTECO metering system based on: - a WATTECO analyzer compatible with a fuse size box; - an integrated Bluetooth technology; - a domestic end user ergonomic interface system enhancing the wireless solution. To develop this project the following research has to be undertaken: - Study of the compatibility and efficiency of Bluetooth communication system with WATTECO needs (distance and data flow). Aspects like disturbance from the electrical net/electrical main meter, reach in a household with a lot of walls and other obstacles as well as the connection to the fixed telephone lines has to be carefully investigated. This part of the project will be managed by CONNECTBLUE. CONNECTBLUE is an expert in Bluetooth technology and has a long experience developing Bluetooth solutions for the industrial and electrical environment. - An automatic WATTECO learning phase. At present time, WATTECO analyzer is designed for professional use. In the BLUE WATT project our objective is to create a mass market WETTECO release with no professional requirements, and an automatic (or almost) learning phase. This part of the project will be managed by WATTECO, the technology creator and owner of a database containing millions of appliance signatures, pulses and associated energy measurements. - A special design for a very large integrated WATTECO solution (including Bluetooth development). Ergonomic interface communication system based on generic interface such as a television or PC (Personal Computer), or based on specific hardware as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or custom electronic interface. This Part will be managed by WATTECO with CONNECTBLUE support. Keywords: energy, communication, technology.
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3 201
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700 000.00€
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Energy management
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