Advanced operational real-time forecasting meteorological variables for european renewable energy market

A tool to evaluate the wind, temperature and other meteorological variables to optimize the use of renewable energy in the european electricity market.

The AMER project focuses on the development of an integrated software tool to assist the electric renewable energy plants to optimise the use in the European Electric Market of the energy produced. AMER will help optimise the use of the produced energy based on accurate meteorological forecasts adapted to the renewable energy production and market system. In particular, AMER will focus on forecasting wind energy potential density in order to optimise the amount of energy available on the market in short-term forecasts. This will help renewable energy companies estimate the amount of energy available from their production to meet recent national and European legislation. AMER project will make use of the most recent information technologies and meteorological modelling systems to obtain in real-time and operational mode the most accurate expected values for wind energy density. This evaluation will be essential for the most recent meteorological models applied in the model domains, where the pilot wind energy plant is located and run in operational and real-time mode to produce the best wind vector forecasts at different heights and for the highest possible spatial resolution. These values will be transformed into wind energy potential density and put into the national and European electric market in short-term mode to assure - under a probable framework - good estimation of available electric power that can be supplied. Keywords: energy, renewable energy, electric market.
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3 221
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Project costs: 
1 500 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Meteorology / Climatology
Market Area: 
Wind energy

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