Software for interactive tele-education, virtual communication and collaboration

Based on results of the testvil project,development of tools for interactive tele-education,virtual cooperation and collaboration,by employing new broadband and mobile com. Technologies and expanding their application to new markets

The idea of the TESTVIL II project is to continue the research and development started in the first project and to develop further tools for interactive tele-education, virtual cooperation and collaboration by employing new broadband and mobile communication technologies and expanding their application to new markets. Applications developed during the TESTVIL project enabled the collection of a number of records from various educational events (conferences, seminars, lectures, etc.) and the library of such records is growing quite fast. In order to manage this growing pool of content, it is important to develop a system for digital rights management so that content authors would be able not only to allow access to specific groups of users, but also to sell the rights to use the content to other users or institutions. Emerging standards of Digital Rights Management should be taken into account to build an interoperable system with other e-commerce and content management applications. Four main Work Packages are identified and will be undertaken during the TESTVIL II project: WP1. Development of tools for Information Security and Digital Rights Management. WP2. Application of broadband networks for virtual communication and collaboration. WP3. Development of new features and new scenarios. WP4. Development of applications for new devices (mobile, handheld, TV set-top boxes). Keywords: tele-education, communication, tele-work.
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3 242
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440 000.00€
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Broadband Technologies
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Business and office

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