Steam vacuum cleaner

Development of a high performance steam vacuum cleaner for the commercial sector

GOBLIN IRELAND is a manufacturer of vacuum and steam cleaners. A commercial opportunity exists in the development of a steam vacuum cleaner. Steam cleaning is an efficient, hygienic and environmentally friendly way to remove dirt and grime without the need for chemicals and detergents. The advantages of using steam as a process for cleaning instead of traditional cleaning methods are: - Improved stain removal capabilities - Kills bacteria / dust mites etc. and collects them - Environmentally friendly (no chemical detergents required) - Air purification and hence health benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers. This method of cleaning and sterilising surfaces has become very popular in mainland Europe and increasingly so in the UNITED KINGDOM and IRELAND. The difficulty with current steamers is that following the steaming process, you need to manually wipe up the dislodged dirt. This is an arduous process that can also lead to some of the dirt being rubbed back in. GOBLIN IRELAND is planning to develop a range of innovative high performance steam cleaners with vacuums for the commercial market. Vacuum and steaming technologies are both well established, but combining them poses many technical difficulties coupled with very different design requirements for the commercial sector. Many areas will require innovative solutions and features that are expected to have patent potential. Some of the key technical areas are identified in the Technological Development section. There are two models that are to be developed as part of this project. The main difference is in the performance: * Smaller model - approximately 4 bar and 140 degrees Celsius steam temperature * Larger model - approximately 8 bar and 180 degrees Celsius steam temperature. There will also be a difference in the physical capacities of the two machines. Keywords: vacuum, steam, cleaner.
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3 259
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700 000.00€
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Cleaning Technology
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