Identification of novel dissociated vitamin d3 analogues for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

To identify novel dissociated vitamin d3 analogues that maintain the beneficial effects on bone cells while avoiding potential complications such as hypercalcemia

Vitamin D3 is the mainstay of all osteoporosis treatments. However, the activated form of vitamin D3 is rapidly toxic because it can quickly lead to hypercalcemia, a life-threatening condition that limits its therapeutic use. For this reason, only the inactivated form of vitamin D3 is supplied to patients, providing them with a sub-optimal therapeutic option. Thus, identifying analogues of the active metabolite of vitamin D3 that would maintain their beneficial effects on bone cells while decreasing their ability to increase calcium adsorption in the gut, would represent an exciting novel therapeutic option. Proof of concept for such molecules has recently been provided. Keywords: vitamin D analogues, osteoporosis, drug development.
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3 260
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3 000 000.00€
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Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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