Packaging and interconnection development for european advancement

Pidea+ is a cluster programme whose objectives are to develop new electronic packaging and interconnection technologies for miniaturisation in order to enhance the european electronics industry. It follows pidea (e!1888 - 09/98-03/04).

PIDEA+ is an acronym for Packaging and Interconnection Development for European Application '+'. It's objective is to bring European industry to the forefront by increasing Interconnection and Packaging capabilities. It follows that PIDEA was a EUREKA cluster programme (Sept 98-March 04). With more than 50 proposals submitted involving close to 170 partners in 13 European countries, PIDEA is clearly meeting a very critical need: developing interconnection and packaging technologies sufficiently enough so as not to restrain semiconductor growing capabilities. PIDEA was necessary in the early 90s when the Internet and mobile phones were driving activities, and became strategic for the coming years as the electronic market was looking for new growth opportunities. The electronics industry is under heavy pressure in Europe because of competition from Asia and the U.S., but: - The electronics industry is of strategic importance for Europe and we must continue to innovate. Europe has a very high level of scientific skill, with a lot of academia, laboratories and other high level institutions. The link between these laboratories and the European industry should provide strength to the industry and the whole economy. - There is room for medium and high volume manufacturing in Europe for the likes of portable devices, security, memory packaging and automotive, and it is important to keep leading edge manufacturing capabilities in Europe even if mass markets are relocated in Asia. - An important change is the moving of the electronics industry from manufacturing oriented OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to capital investment focused companies concentrating their resources on design, marketing and distribution while just maintaining core skill areas. The global trend is to move to a solution-based approach. Mastering the supply chain with high innovation speed, high quality, low cost, and fast time to the market is the challenge. To keep competitive in Europe, we must strengthen the link between R & D institutes, design companies, contract manufacturers, SMEs and the big players. As a collaborative programme, PIDEA+ and PIDEA will have the role of strengthening links between various actors of the European electronics industry and developing innovated Interconnection and Packaging (I&P) technologies that meet market needs. PIDEA+ is an industrial initiative like PIDEA. It is structured as a cluster programme, open to all industrial partners and laboratories in the field in Europe, allowing them to submit proposals whenever they want. The PIDEA Council (with members elected from among all PIDEA partners) will award a label to projects on the basis of 2 expert opinions. Roadmaps and a White Book (Technological document) will be prepared by a technical committee, which will also have the role of following up the programme results. Labels will be awarded 3 to 4 times a year. Keywords: packaging, interconnection, electronic industry.
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3 270
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600 000 000.00€
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.