Ceilometer for pollution prediction

New generation of ceilometers with specific wavelength for pollution detection.

Development of a new generation of laser ceilometers used for lower atmosphere measurement, with a specific wavelength allowing better pollution prediction. This sensor is used in principle for the detection and measurement of the altitude of the clouds. It is a laser-based sensor. In our application, we plan to use it for pollution purposes, in order to automatically detect the altitude boundary layer - which is a fundamental criteria for peak of pollution prediction. The characteristics of the laser will allow the ceilometer to detect three to four particular concentration classes, to identify cases of multiple atmosphere stratification, and to determine the thickness and evolution of aerosol clouds. This project will be followed by an additional Franco-French project, aimed at developing specific algorithms for Boundary Layer detection by METEO FRANCE, and leading a final measurement campaign in collaboration with the AIR QUALITY ASSOCIATION OF THE GOVIERNO BASCO (SPAIN). Keywords: ceilometer, pollution, environment.
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3 321
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920 000.00€
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Sensors/Multisensor Technology, Instrumentation
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