An internet based environmental pollution data monitoring system

A system for monitoring environmental data (air, water, soil) will be developed and tested. The data transfer and presentation will be made possible using the internet or intranet.

In the proposed project, an Internet and Intranet based system for environmental data monitoring will be developed. The system will use the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) protocol for transferring data from the measurement location to the server where the data will be saved. The application packages will be able to make different types of analysis and offer presentations that meet with the user's request. The information can be used for the general public and professional institutions responsible for environmental pollution control at local and regional levels. This information can be presented on different devices such as public monitors, PC (Personal Computers) screens, PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants), palms and cellular phones using a single source of data. The project will be carried out in the following stages: - user analysis - conceptualisation of the system - software requirements development - development of hardware - development of software - testing of hardware - testing of software - integration - pilot installation. The Volero methodology will be used for monitoring the project progress. The marketing and promotional activities will start in the early stage of the project with the aim of supporting commercialisation of the project results. Keywords: air pollution, monitoring, computer system.
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3 377
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1 440 000.00€
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Internet Technologies
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