Control system and adaptation of combustion engine

The control system and adaptation of the combustion engine will see an engine-power increase at the same time minimising exhalation and enhancing spark safety.

The development of a control system for diesel engines (engine output 100 kW with maximum content 750 ppm Nox in exhaust gas). The engine has to fulfil conditions for work in the methane explosion hazardous environment. The diesel engine used in the mine has to fulfil specific requirements of torque characteristics. Where similar engines do not exist, we will make adaptations of stock engine (the main job is to minimise expenses during series production). Project goals: - Formulation of job performance and definition of finishing parameters. - Selection of optimum engines for adaptation, acquirement of documentation and purchase of samples. We plan to adapt and test at least three stock engines from production in the CZECH REPUBLIC, the SLOVAK REPUBLIC, POLAND and RUSSIA. - Project of adaptation design A. Mechanical adaptation - Adaptation of mechanical properties to fulfil conditions required for work in the methane explosion hazardous environment (tightness, elimination of material with static charge, change of cover, hosepipe, etc.). B. Control adaptation - Proposal of constructing, producing and testing optimum control system. Control system will control engine on all points of job performance. - Carry out research into competitive resolution, control of patent purity of design TD (Test Data) proposed (including regulation) - Calculate verification design and optimisation of proposal - Prepare technical documentation and complete resolution - Elaboration of philosophy of testing engine (simulate function of engine in mine environment) - Commission development of special components and aggregate - Proposal of design for charging aggregate (special turbo blower, TD) - Proposal of design for power member of regulation TD - Calculated data authentication of design proposed and optimisation of proposed TD (calculations of exhalation characteristic with regard to engine output, etc.). - Prepare constructional documentation TD - Process philosophy of testing TD - Complete functional sample TD and special components and aggregate - Special technical accessories of motorless test bed TD - Test TD at motorless test bed TD - Realisation of functional engine samples - Test final engine at test bed - Evaluation of results and optimisation - Running properties of the engine in mine locomotives. We plan on putting the best engine into serial production of handing mine locomotives and on testing in Russian black coal underground mines. E21. Duties evaluation, ending of duties E22. Handover of project result to project participants. The result of the project is a combustion engine for mine machines and equipment. The main participant is a producer of two types of mine equipment. The combustion engine will be implanted into mine locomotives and foreign participants will cross-check the equipment in the black coal underground mine. We expect that the results of the project will be reusable in at least 40 locomotives per year with a total turnover of about 160 million CZK. The capital cost repayment period is 1 year. Keywords: engine, turbo supercharger, mining.
Project ID: 
3 404
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
790 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Combustion, Flames
Market Area: 
Coal mining

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