Obesity (metabolic syndrome)

To develop a new concept of diet based on extruded linseed (rich in omega3) in order to fight the metabolic syndrome, also referred to as 'insulin resistance syndrome' and 'syndrome x'.

The object of the project 'Obesity (Metabolic Syndrome)' is to develop a new concept of diet based on extruded linseed (rich in Omega 3) in order to fight the metabolic syndrome, also referred to as 'insulin resistance syndrome' and 'syndrome X'. People are struck down by the metabolic syndrome when they have several disorders of the body's metabolism at the same time, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This syndrome affects at least one out of every five overweight people. By making positive lifestyle changes, one may reduce or eliminate some of the components of the syndrome. The metabolic syndrome is serious, because its components can lead to complications including hardening of the arteries and an increased risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease. If one person has one component of the syndrome, he or she is at increased risk of having one or more of the others. And the more components he/she has, the greater the risks to his/her health. The main clinical manifestations of syndrome X include: - Abdominal obesity: obesity is a major contributor to many of the components of the metabolic syndrome. - Elevated blood triglycerides. Nowadays, the main method of treating syndrome X consists of treating each component of the syndrome with medicine. The use of this method is limited given the high costs borne by patients and the health system and the danger linked to the side effects of the different medicines used. VALOREX has carried out several studies to see the effect of a diet enriched by extruded linseed on blood triglycerides in humans. They observed that obese volunteers struck down by diabetes partly lost their abdominal obesity at the same time that their blood triglycerides decreased. The hypothesis that could be made after these observations is that a meal enriched with thermo-extruded linseed could fight the main clinical manifestations of the metabolic syndrome. Within the framework of the EUREKA program, VALOREX and its partner ALONIM want to validate the hypothesis by a clinical study and to develop a new diet concept. During this clinical study, VALOREX will carry out developments to optimise the effect of the extruded linseed on the metabolic syndrome. These developments will include: - Zoo-technical studies: these studies will take into consideration environmental, zoo-technical, technological, ecological and economic aspects that could influence the impact of the consumption of extruded linseed by animals. The object will be to determine the conditions that will lead to the meat, milk and eggs with the best nutritional quality. - Technological and analytical development: VALOREX has developed a process of thermo-extrusion of the linseed and parallel with the zoo-technical studies, the company will try to determine the best conditions for its thermo-extrusion technology that will allow for obtaining suitable extruded linseed in accordance with the conditions of breeding. - Studies on animal models to validate the hypothesis of the action mechanism for the extruded linseed. - The clinical study will validate the concept of improving the animal feeds in order to improve human health and nutrition. Finally, the project will lead to the constitution of a meal model that could be used by patients to treat their metabolic syndrome. Keywords: metabolic syndrome, omega 3.
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3 407
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1 600 000.00€
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Food Additives / Ingredients
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Animal Husbandry

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