Modern upholstery materials with anti static properties

New upholstery textile materials with specific and anti static properties lasting throughout operational time. Protection of the human being and electronic equipment against electric fields, for safe outlets of accumulated charge.

The aim of the project is the new technology design and implementation of modern textile materials for upholstered furniture production with specific anti static and flame retardant properties, and adapted to different conditions. For the sake of user safety and comfort as well as electronic equipment protection, this type of material should be used both in public facilities and in the area of ESD (Electronic Discharge) electronic equipment. The new textile materials should meet criteria concerning endurance and useful properties as well as being characterised by all manner of additional specific features, improving safety and comfort when used. Nowadays the global growth of electronic technology is widely recognised. Electronic equipment is present in every field of human activity. Customer electronics are ubiquitous and useful in households, offices and banks, as well as in industry. For computers alone, every year sees a 30% growth. Based on the latest statistical data for 2003, EU countries have 36 computers per 100 inhabitants. In POLAND there are 12.5 per 100 inhabitants and their number is still rising. In offices there are also printers, copiers and faxes. However the presence of any kind of electronic equipment causes electric charge accumulation in the surrounding area. Electrostatic charge appears in many situations and a number of different effects occur ranging from discomfort felt while walking on different carpets or changing clothes through to explosion initiation, the destruction or damage of the electronic equipment or technological process disruption. In offices and other places where the equipment generating the static charge is installed, the problem arises as to how to fit out the room with the correct furnishings (furniture, floor coverings) for safe electrostatic charge outlet. Otherwise the accumulated charge will discharge violently with the spark jump and cause undesirable effects e.g. equipment damage. This phenomenon is well known under the name of 'invisible killer'. Hence there exist regulations concerning interior furnishings in the surroundings of electronic devices. These regulations are established by the producers of the electronic equipment and they are described in correct room furnishing procedures. In JAPAN and the U.S.A., special labels with notes "Put your hand, Discharge here" are very popular and an easy way to find the safe charge outlet, but special room furnishings are still developed and demand for them is not fading. The European market is also open to anti static interior furnishing products. In public facilities the safety of a potential user is of utmost importance. That is why the materials used for room furnishing production (floor coverings, upholstery) should also be flame retardant. Endurance and dirt resistance are major factors in terms of economy and durability of furniture. The necessity for the upholstery furniture exchange is connected with the high costs of the new furniture purchase and the additional costs of waste use. Keywords: anti static materials, upholstery materials, textiles.
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3 422
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750 000.00€
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Textiles Technology
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Office furniture and other professional furnishings

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