Norfor is a common live cattle feeding system for all users

Develop, test and introduce a common information technology system for the analysis of forage for cattle. Develop a new user interface and common platform for all scandinavian countries based on existing national systems.

BACKGROUND Scandinavian countries have different national systems for evaluating forage for cattle, and national IT-systems for handling these evaluation methods. They are all old and inadequate for modern milk production, while society is aiming at animal welfare and environmentally friendly production. As a consequence, dairy farmers are facing low economic output in milk production, unnecessary environmental impacts and unused biological values in feeding and livestock. ORGANISATION A steering committee with representatives from all four participating countries as well as a project group have already been set up. OBJECTIVE The project consists of two phases: definition phase and implementation phase. In the Definition Phase, a detailed project plan will be produced. The intellectual property rights generated in the project will be controlled by a cooperation agreement between all partners. This will be a main topic in the definition phase. The aim of the project is the research, development and market introduction of a new computerised tool that will give support to milk producers, agriculture advisors, laboratories and system administrators in evaluating forage. The partners initiating the project have already together started a feasibility study on Information Technology development in a cost efficient way. The feasibility study determined a common forage evaluation system. When NORFOR is in full use, NORFOR will provide many new improvements for participating country milk producers. We anticipate better competitive advantages, less environmental impacts and better animal maintenance. In the implementation phase, the objective is to develop common modules. The starting point of development is to build new common modules on already existing national systems. The following modules will be developed: - Answering module for forage analysis - Feed database - Computation and balancing module - Optimising module - Evaluation module - Educational module with exercises. These modules shall then be implemented into the national systems such as INDIVIDRAM (SWEDEN), BEDRIFTLOOSNING (DENMARK), TINE FORING (NORWAY) and a new Icelandic IT (Information Technology) tool. When this project is completed we can implement a computerised system at farm level to calculate feed ratios, and to send and receive data from suppliers and laboratories directly to the cattle. Keywords: milk production, quality control, system optimisation.
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3 435
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2 000 000.00€
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Knowledge Management, Process Management
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