An integrated terrorist threat detection system for metro facilities

The project consists of the integration of different technologies (dangerous substance detectors, vision systems, telematics, etc.) Into a single system able to provide an effective tool for preventing terrorist attacks in metro facilities.

The project will consist of adapting different technologies and expertise from the companies RS DYNAMICS (CZECH REPUBLIC) and SENER INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS (SPAIN) to create a prototype able to fulfil the following objectives: - Detect explosives and other terrorist threats in subway access facilities. - Ability to deliver high throughput ratios of passenger scanning. - Offer very low false alarm ratios and reasonable ways of dealing with alarm cases, whether real or false. - Adaptation to specific requirements on the side of metro companies. Keywords: terrorist, explosive, detection.
Project ID: 
3 442
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
1 330 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Hazardous Materials
Market Area: 
Railways, Trains

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