Catalytic cleaning of the gases from chlorinated hydrocarbons

To develop a catalyst for use in industry to reduce the emission of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Development and manufacturing will be carried out in poland, while testing will be conducted in the czech republic.

The project is a cooperation between KATALIZATOR SP. Z O.O. and the INSTITUTE OF CATALYSIS AND SURFACE CHEMISTRY in POLAND, and ELCOM and VYSOKA SKOLA CHEMICKO-TECHNOLOGICKA in the CZECH REPUBLIC, as a result of a long-term mutual relationship in the field of environmental protection. When chlorinated hydrocarbons are emitted into the atmosphere they react with ozone and decrease its concentration. Chlorinated hydrocarbons may be destroyed by thermal combustion at 1,000 - 1,200 degrees Celsius. Such a process demands a lot of energy and may result in dioxin formation. A high-tech way to handle this problem is to use a catalyst. The objective is to develop a catalyst for use in industry to reduce the emission of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The catalyst should be able to convert chlorinated hydrocarbons into harmless products, i.e. carbon dioxide, water and HCl, be easy to remove by caustic scrubbing at the lowest possible temperature, and be resistant to deactivation by HCl. The project deals with at least two EUREKA technological areas: environment and new materials. The catalyst shall have, depending on an application, a monolith/honeycomb structure or pellets form, and would be installed in a catalytic reactor for environmental use. This catalyst technique requires lower temperatures and does not create dioxins in relation to when high temperature techniques are used. The catalyst is intended for use in industry and shall effectively reduce the emission of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The research and development will be carried out in POLAND. The manufacturing will also be carried out in POLAND while testing will be conducted in the CZECH REPUBLIC during the definition phase. Keywords: catalysis, oxidation, chlorinated HC (hydrocarbons).
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3 454
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1 000 000.00€
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Air Pollution
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Chemicals and Materials

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