Embedded led landing light

To define and develop an innovative embedded light with led technologies satisfying the regulation and the various constraints applying to airport lighting equipment.

New techniques in aeronautical ground lighting are of an increasing importance for ensuring air safety and for reducing the maintenance costs of runways. Current runways have embedded runway lights whose lighting is assured by incandescent lamps. These lamps have several disadvantages: - Frequent breakdowns generating high maintenance costs (1 lamp is changed on average every 1,500 operating hours). - High energy consumption. - Technology does not make it possible to ensure new functions of lighting, such as the modification and the management of the signals. To solve these problems, new systems made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have been developed. This type of light solves the entire problem since: - The lights with diodes consume ten times less energy. - It allows for the development of preventive maintenance (the LED has a lifespan of 70,000 hours). - It can be modified remotely according to the needs of the runway configuration. Up to now, only none-embedded lights using LED technology have been developed. Embedded lights could not be used because of the specific constraints of the regulation (dimensioning of the mechanical assays of the lights, technology of the specific power supply, etc.) as well as for technical reasons. The aim of the project is to define an architecture of embedded light that meets regulations and the various constraints applying to lights. This study will include research on: - An optical system to optimise the lighting. - An electronic card for regulation and communication with the control tower. - A box meeting the mechanical and obstruction requirements specific to embedded beacon lights. - The validation of the lights in resistance tests, optical operation. INNOVATION Embedded beacon lights using electro-luminescent diodes are not in operation today. Only non-embedded (aerial) lights are under development and in trials with this technology. The integration of an electronic card, diodes and possibly of sensors will make new functions optimising maintenance and security possible. New functions will be available such as: - Programming the diodes to display different signals. - On-line indication of the operating conditions of the diodes. - Integration of a frost sensor to automatically de-ice the light. - Integration of a light sensor to inform the control tower of the presence of stains on the protection glass of the light, etc. Keywords: landing lights, airport equipment, aeronautic ground equipment.
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3 456
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2 590 000.00€
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Lighting, illumination
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Airfield and other Transportation Services

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