Development of a new manufacturing process: from silicon ribbon optimised growth to rear-contacted silicon solar cells

Industrial production process of thin wafers, 150 to 200 micrometers, through a silicon ribbon on a sacrificial carbon template (rst technology). A back contact solar cell process based on thin silicon ribbons will be developed and tested.

RST (Ruban de silicium sur Substrat de carbone Temporaire) technology allows for the production of thin silicon wafers with a high throughput rate. Silicon ribbon growth using the RST process, and the subsequent steps which lead to silicon wafers ready for the manufacture of solar cells, must be optimised and mastered in order to achieve a high manufacturing yield and specifications compatible with the manufacture of high quality rear-contacted solar cells. In addition, the wafers thus produced must be compatible with the processes used in advanced silicon technology. The project PROGRESS tackles all aspects of the processing of such a composite material. With the thin silicon ribbons available, the development of a novel solar cell structure specifically suited for thin wafers will be carried out. The different types of back contacted solar cells will be developed and tested in a laboratory and industrial pilot line. The best solar cell structure will be implemented in the production line. Keywords: silicon wafer, photovoltaic energy, ribbon technology.
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3 460
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2 700 000.00€
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Photovoltaic solar

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