It knowledge internet portal development, using users pyramidal information filtration and content formation technology

Internet portal group in eu countries for it knowledge sharing. Portal architecture based on 'pyramidal information filtration and content management' technology, which will enable the internet portal community to format portal content.

The project idea is to create, using new technologies and research, Internet news and article portal groups in the EU for information and knowledge about IT (Information Technology) and Telecommunications (ITT) sharing. To ensure the fastest way from information source to publication in the Internet portal, we will develop and implement 'Pyramidal Information Filtration and Content Formation' technology. This technology will automatically ensure fast and especially effective information filtration and portal content formation. It will be based on mathematical algorithm calculations and ratings. Registered portal users will have a big influence on that. We will develop the main international portal version in English as well as local portal versions. Local versions will have information exchange links between other portals through international versions, which means that information in local languages will be translated into English and posted into international portals. From international portals that information will be translated into local languages and shared between local portal versions. An integrated information translation mechanism will enable the latest information to be shared between specialists and across countries. By enabling fast information sharing and ensuring good information quality, we will help technological research and theories be used practically in developing new IT solutions and products, and will stimulate competitive solutions and product development at competitive prices. PORTAL GROUP ARCHITECTURE. - There will be the same server farm for all portal versions. - The system core and business logic will be developed. - In the core system, it will be easy to create and develop different portal versions for different languages. - Different portal versions will work separately and will have information links only with 'international portal versions'. INNOVATION. - We are changing the regular editorial team to a hi-tech computer system, which is based on mathematical algorithms and calculations. - Our developed system will filtrate information flows and decide what to post into the portal and where. - There will also be information content formation functionality implemented. This will automatically enable formatting of different content for each user group of interests. PROJECT BENEFITS FOR PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES. - Because of its international basis, the portal will increase solutions and production exports. - It will help small and medium-sized companies show their products and solutions. - The IT market will become more competitive because of the free information sharing about new production and solutions. This will allow alternative or competitive products and solutions enter into the market. - Our portal will help with faster use of new technologies and research results in practice and in integrating into new products because of the free information sharing. - The portal will increase the growth of the information society. - This tool will help private businesses, universities, research institutes and government institutions to share knowledge and information, communicate and work together on new solutions and research. PROJECT BENEFITS FOR THE EU. - EU universities, IT companies and IT experts will be attracted into the portals activity and will enable formatting of IT knowledge bases containing: IT based science research, IT solutions, products, new technologies and theories. - This portal group will offer better information about research and innovation, and improvements in sharing and representing information to the public and IT companies. - It will help to produce IT solutions and products based on the latest technologies and research, given that information about recent technological research will be made available in a concentrated place - our portal. - It will place European IT solutions and the entire IT market in a better competitive position compared with solutions from the U.S.A. The biggest and most influential IT companies (IBM, HP, MICROSOFT, DELL and etc.) are from the U.S.A. and have a big influence on the European IT market. - This will also help to increase IT technological growth and will make the IT market more competitive in the EU. Keywords: Internet portal, knowledge management, information system.
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3 473
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1 020 000.00€
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Knowledge Management, Process Management
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Other computer services

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