Creation of functional food with natural licopene

The aim is to create and produce functional food items which benefit human health and which would be proven by quality researchers. Natural vitamins and biologically active substances would be used for making such products.

HUMAN HEALTH is indispensable from nutrition: only appropriately selected and quality food may have a positive nutritional impact on human health. This selection may be rated as the key factor determining the full value of our life. In the recent decades the European countries witness the new trends of morbidity and mortality, which might be associated with nutrition. For instance, the research conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that higher daily consumption of fruit and vegetables per capita leads to lower mortality attributable to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, WHO recommends that each adult person's daily ration should include at least 400 gram of fruit and vegetables (apart from potatoes) and that the variety of these products should be as wide as possible. Moreover, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases may be facilitated by consumption of certain types of fruit or vegetables. It seems that tomatoes in that respect should be given exclusive attention. (Rao A.V. Lycopene, Tomatoes, and the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease. Exp. Biol. Med. 2002, 227, 10, 908-913). Another group of diseases along with cardiovascular disorders leading to numerous lethal cases is cancer. The findings of the studies conducted in the last two decades or so show that cancer morbidity may also depend on nutrition, and in this context the subject of discussion is tomatoes and their products (sauces, juice, pasta). Higher consumption of tomatoes leads to lower morbidity with respect to certain types of cancer. Such effect of tomatoes may be explained by the highest content of lycopene in them which cannot be found in other fruit and vegetables. (Weisburger J.H. Evaluation of the Evidence on the Role of Tomato Products in Disease Prevention. Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med. 1998, 218, 2, 140-143; Weisburger J.H. Lycopene and Tomato Products in Health Promotion. Exp. Biol.Med.2002, 227, 10, 924-927; Giovannucci E. Tomatoes, Tomato-Based Products, Lycopene and Cancer. Review of the Epidemioligic Literature. J.Nat.Cancer Inst. 1999, 91, 4,317-331; Giovannucci E. A Review of Epidemiologic Studies of Tomatoes, Lycopene and Prostate Cancer. Exp.Biol.Med. 2002, 227, 10, 852-859). The positive effect observed in the above mentioned cases may be derived not only by selecting the appropriate ration of fruit and vegetables, but also by consuming concentrated (enriched) food products or additives containing specific target-based combinations of natural active components. Thus, the objective of the Project is to develop such lycopene enriched food product (product 'L'), which would have a positive effect on the general state of human health and reduce the risk of oncological, cardiovascular and probably some other diseases. The product shall be developed with a special focus on the search of such composition, which would ensure good assimilation of lycopene and its effectiveness. For this purpose, there will be used such substances as beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, phytosterols, etc., which are able to produce the effect of synergy, and phospholipids, triglycerides (or oils), which may influence the processes of membrane-bound carriage. In pursue of ensuring active cooperation between the partners, at least once per quarter there shall be held workshops during which the partners will discuss the progress of work and submit regular interim annotation reports. During the workshops there shall also be presented full reports on the accomplished work stages. All reports shall be delivered to the coordinator in a written or electronic form. The transfer of reports shall be confirmed upon signing the Acceptance-Transfer certificates. All Project executors have signed the Consortium Agreement and the Agreement on the Title to Intellectual Property. Keywords: phytonutrients, research, functional food.
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3 474
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310 000.00€
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Food Additives / Ingredients
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Food supplements/vitamins

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