Nanocrete - photo catalytic concrete surfaces

Dev.Of concrete with photo catalytic properties.Cement&titanium dioxide are to be dev.To get efficient combinations for use in photo catalytic concrete.The reactions are to investigated as are the concrete properties and long-term effects.

Photo catalytic reactions with titanium dioxide can be used to get concrete surfaces with several different advantages. One is the self-cleaning effect that can be achieved. This can keep dirt from the surface and also prevent the growth of mould and algae. Another effect is the air cleaning, for example Nox-gases can be reduced. Some of these products and reactions are already investigated in other countries but not with the conditions we have in Nordic countries, with our raw materials and our climate. The objective of this project is to develop knowledge on photo catalytic reactions in cement-based materials containing photoactive titanium dioxide and how they can be used to get clean and functional concrete surfaces. The system is to be optimised, and the applicability in concrete used as a building material is to be evaluated and demonstrated. The functional benefits that the development brings to the construction are to be clarified. The result should see a self-cleaning concrete based building material for Nordic markets and a photo catalyst material with global applicability. During the development, the basic properties of the titanium dioxide and the cement need to be investigated and adjusted to give the best possible functionality concerning photo catalytic efficiency and durability in concrete. Tests with different kinds of cement and different titanium dioxides will be performed. For that we need to understand the reactions and the chemistry that occurs between hydrating cement and titanium dioxide particles. These surface reactions are going to be studied both regarding the effects on the photo catalytic properties in concrete and how the concrete properties could be influenced. To do this, both laboratory tests and tests on a full-scale will be performed. This will include investigations of the surface properties in different environments and investigations of the long-term durability of concrete. It is also important to investigate what influence the Nordic environment (concerning temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc.) has on the photo catalytic properties. For evaluation of the photo catalytic efficiency, an analysing method for quantifying the photo catalytic action in concrete is needed. This will be developed and used for measurements in the project. We also need to find out if the claimed environmental benefits can be achieved in full-scale production and which arrangements are necessary in cement and concrete production. Keywords: nanotechnology, concrete, titanium dioxide.
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1 400 000.00€
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Building materials
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Manufacture of Building Materials

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