Software platform for remote workstations in editorial offices

Multi-language and multi-platform editorial office software will be designed and implemented in this project. Management processes of gathering, preparing, creating and publishing information in editorial offices will be developed.

Publications are still in writing using a sheet of paper hand-written on, while editors are drawing and designing newspapers manually. The control process is supervised simply using phones and messages. Therefore, the computer is employed only at the last publishing stage. This produces a lot of human errors and makes tracing the source of the error a difficult job. Most of the work is duplicated when the newspaper is published on a website. These aspects make companies work inefficiently and cause losses in income when compared to companies using a modern Internet based subscription. The editorial offices would considerably increase the efficiency of the publishing process and the income from Internet subscription, if they were to design and implement universal multi-platform software responsible for gathering, editing and publishing the information on paper and on the Web. The main goal of the project is therefore to design and implement such system. System purpose: * Integrating the whole paper work system into one information system. The information system enables reporters, correctors, paste-up artists and editor involved in the newspaper publishing trade process. * Creating and importing texts, photos, videos and diagrams, and preparing several publications at one time. * Easy publishing on the Internet. * Easy storage, and easy application and use of edit texts and photo archives. * Being in thorough control of publication preparation work by keeping a watch on publication creating processes, and page filling with text and photos. * Remote communication among all desk workers by way of electronic messages, as well as tasking and controlling the performance by the editor. * Allowing any desk worker to work outside of the editorial office by joining the system to the Internet. Keywords: editorial software, workflow software, remote work.
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3 485
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290 000.00€
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Knowledge Management, Process Management
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Commercial Communications

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