Development of probiotic yoghurt technology with improved yoghurt characteristics

Probiotic yoghurt is one of the most interesting functional food products. The improved technology of probiotic yoghurt will be developed with the aim of obtaining better product quality: appearance, consistency, water-binding, shelf-life.

The aim of this study is the development of new fermented milk product-probiotic yoghurt, enriched with trans-glutaminaze (T-Gase). Probiotic yoghurt is one of the most interesting functional food products. Its beneficial effects on human health are numerous, and are still being investigated by the scientists all over the world. T-Gase catalyses an acylgroup transfer reaction between the gama-carboxyamide group peptide-bound glutamine residues and the primary amino group of a variety of amine compounds including lysine residues in proteins, to form new intra- or intermolecular cross-links. Such reactions can change the structure and functionality of milk proteins. T-Gase treatment of dairy products like yoghurt, include physical stabilisation and structural modification, thus improving the product quality. The investigations will be carried out according to the following plan: - production of experimental probiotic yoghurt samples with different T-Gase concentrations and selected probiotic starters. - analysis of physicochemical, sensory and nutritive quality characteristics of the obtained probiotic yoghurt samples. - optimisation of process parameters and product characteristics. Keywords: yoghurt, probiotics, transglutaminase.
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3 488
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450 000.00€
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Food Additives / Ingredients
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Health food

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