Functional food ingredients from plant products

Isolation and characterisation of health improving natural products from plant materials - mainly from by-products of baltic region horticulture - plant leaves, berry seeds, etc. Establishment of production technology for such products.

The objective of the project is to develop health improving plant ingredients (nutraceuticals) from Baltic area agricultural raw materials. The aim is to develop the technological process for isolating and producing plant ingredients as functional food additives in forms for practical use. The main attention will be focused on chemoprevention of cancer, mainly through dietary natural products. This is a very fast developing area in modern medicine and includes not only prevention activities, but also arresting and reverse development of cancer. From the various natural chemoprevention agents at the present time, the most promising are elegiac acid derivatives including ellagitannins. The elegiac acid biological chemo-preventive activity mechanism is based on its selective apoptosis inductive activity towards cancer cells. It has been found that the largest amount of elegiac acid is present in some cultivars of strawberry leaves and raspberry seeds. The same is attributed to gastrointestinal, gynaecological and urological disorders connected with chronic inflammation. Taking into account the comments above, we propose studying the anticancer, cancer preventing and anti-inflammatory activity of extracts from strawberry leaves and raspberry seeds. The study supported by the Latvian MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE and carried out at the Latvian INSTITUTE OF ORGANIC SYNTHESIS shows that products isolated from strawberry leaves of Latvian cultivars, possess pronounced anticancer activity in cancer cell cultures (in-vitro) as well as on experimental animals (in-vivo). Thus, on ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) mice inoculated by mice sarcoma S-180, this product introduced intra-peritoneal in a dose of 200 mg/kg, increased the life span of experimental animals by approximately 1.8 times. The acute toxicity of the mentioned product is >2000 mg/kg (mice, i.p.). The strawberry leaves and raspberry seeds are the by-products of the Baltic State horticultural industry. The project plan includes: - Continuation of the biological and pharmacological studies of ingredients isolated from plant materials, - Development of production processes for health improving (anticancer, anti-inflammatory) products from strawberry leaves and raspberry seeds and testing on a semi-industrial scale; - Development of analytical procedures for determining elegiac acid and/or other biologically active ingredient content in extracts and final products; - Determination of optimal stages for harvesting strawberry leaves for the highest elegiac acid and/or other biologically ingredient content depending on the growing region; - Development of the optimal functional food product containing isolated extracts for best use in studies of its efficacy; - Determination of an optimal scheme for using the produced product containing functional food additives for maximum anticancer, cancer preventive and/or anti-inflammatory activity (animal experiments). The project will be carried out in close cooperation with the Latvian INSTITUTE OF ORGANIC SYNTHESIS, given the experience they have in developing anticancer drugs and studying natural products, the Riga Pharmaceutical plant, in view of their production of plant extracts as medical remedies, DOBELES STATE HORTICULTURAL PLANT BREEDING EXPERIMENTAL STATION, ATVASAS horticultural farm where they are engaged in strawberry growing, KAUNAS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (LITHUANIA) which has experience in food technology, and finally the Lithuanian INSTITUTE OF HORTICULTURE. The final product will be a functional food containing anti-carcinogenic food additives derived from the strawberry and raspberry extracts. Project management will include the launch meeting (1st month) for participants, an exchange of information every 3 months about the results obtained, together with close contact (by e-mails) with the partner consortium. The first year's progress meeting (in the 12th month) and final meeting (in the 23rd month) will be organised. Project milestones: - The laboratory extraction process adjustment for the semi-scale industrial production, and elaboration of analytical procedures - 6 months (months 1 - 6); - The study of anti-carcinogenic activities of extracts, acute toxicology, and antioxidant and radical scavenging activity - 6 months (months 7 - 12); - Technological studies for process optimisation - 6 months (months 13 - 18); - Studies concerning horticultural raw materials - seasonally; - Preparation of foods containing the active extracts - 6 months (months 19 - 24); - Preparation of procedural protocol for the process, analytical procedures protocol, and final project report - 3 months (months 21 - 24). Keywords: functional food, plant products.
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3 490
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Project costs: 
900 000.00€
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Food Additives / Ingredients
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Health food

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