Development and update of textured polypropylene thread manufacturing, by air and friction, starting with a spinning poy

Through r & d into new solutions, there will be optimisation of the manufacturing of polypropylene texture threads, starting with a poy (partial oriented yarn) thread, thus providing a new thread with great features.

The Automobile Sector is clearly demanding the need to have a textured polypropylene thread in fine titles to be used in all inner coatings: seat tapestry, door panels, columns, ceilings and trays. There has been increased demand since the publication of directive 2000/53/EC, which forces the automobile manufacturers to increase recyclability. To date, this new need has not been fulfilled due to the lack of a suitable process that improves the excellent natural qualities of polypropylene, and adapting it to the demanding requirements of the automobile sector. The present project intends to meet the existing demand. There have already been long and expensive efforts made to be able to spin (POY - Partial Oriented Yarn) and texture this type of thread. Although we have advanced a long way, the present reality is that with an increasing demand on an industrial scale, nobody is ready to provide this type of product to the market - including compliance with the demanded quality specifications. In the middle of 2002, we saw a large product development problem that would be a challenge for single companies. From 2003, initial contact with different companies affected by this problem was established. At the beginning of 2005 when the project will begin, contact with the Austrian company SML will be increased in order to begin cooperation on the present project: the critical points of the process will be identified and a detailed plan for study and improvement will be established on present control and production procedures. This will see an increase in the quality and regularity of the thread to be produced. The project's objective consists of investigations into how to optimise the manufacture of a polypropylene textured thread, starting with a Spinning POY, adapted to the post circular or flat weaving process. Participating successfully in the development of new elements is also required, where in addition to the intrinsic Polypropylene properties (recyclability), other values may be added to it with special additivations, which as a whole, will contribute to in the sector. Keywords: textile automotive, spin machine.
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3 495
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Project costs: 
3 900 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Thermoplastic textile fibres
Market Area: 
Motor Vehicles, Transportation Equipment and Parts

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