On-line monitoring system for brown coal and lignite, based on a non-isotope ash meter and extensometer conveyor scale

Development,manufacturing,operational tests & implementation of an on-line monitoring system for various types of brown coal and lignite,based on the natural gamma radioactivity of coal for use in mines,preparation plants and power plants.

In mining and power industries throughout the world, it has been the custom recently to use devices and systems for the quality control of coal based mainly on methods using ionising radiation from artificial sources of radiation - this has both advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantages of these methods are: - the measuring field is not large, consequently the measurements are not widely representative; - there is high sensitivity with this method to changes in chemical composition and moisture of the materials tested. This causes significant and unacceptable errors in measurements; therefore frequent recalibration of measuring devices is required; - it is necessary to apply artificial sources of ionising radiation, and despite the fact that all possible radiation protection is used and regulations observed, a significant event may take place; the use of artificial sources for ionising radiation also creates difficulties during service activities connected with the monitoring system and in the immediate surroundings (protective areas should be determined). It therefore appears useful to develop an up-to-date qualitative-quantitative on-line monitoring system, offering potential use with various types of coal, mainly brown coal and lignite, and which would not have the above-mentioned disadvantages, or could at least limit them considerably. The system to be developed within the scope of the project would allow qualitative-quantitative coal parameters to be checked quickly, accurately, fully and safely, for both the user and the environment. By using advanced technologies, the monitoring system would mean that the results of the measurements could be used within extensive control systems in mines, preparation plants and the power industry (optimal control of power boilers). The monitoring system to be developed may initially be applicable in the brown coal and lignite industry as the only solution, given that the above-mentioned types of coal are characterised by highly variable chemical compositions and are usually transported by means of belt conveyors fitted with steel-cord belts (a source of disturbances). Experiments with radiometric ash-meters for lignite have failed. Keywords: ash-meter, natural radiation, solid fuels.
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3 502
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180 000.00€
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Other Non Destructive Testing
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Coal mining

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