Innovative nanosphere brachytherapy with adiabatic resonance crossing (arc) using accelerators

Construction of an industrial prototype arc activator for the activation of nanospheres for the brachytherapy technique. Pre-clinical animal studies with injections of activated (ho-re) micro/nanospheres through perforated microtubes.

INTRODUCTION Nowadays, one person in three will have cancer during their life; cancer is thus a major social phenomenon. Every possible progress in the management of this serious disease should be followed through. Radioactivity is a powerful way of treating cancer, but the production, transport and manufacturing of radioactive isotopes and/or sources is a complex business that limits the potential of this technique. PROJECT OBJECTIVES The main purpose of the INBARCA project is to combine three innovative technologies in order to produce a new kind of treatment against cancer. First of all, there is the ARC technology (Adiabatic Resonance Crossing) proposed by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia and developed at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research), which allows for the production of radio-elements (radiopharmaceuticals) for therapeutic purposes with a small sized medical cyclotron for diagnosis purposes. CERN decided to give an exclusive licence of the patent to ADVANCED ACCELERATOR APPLICATIONS - AAA (CERN contract K-859). Secondly, there is the nano-particle technology developed at the LAGEP LABORATORY (LABORATOIRE D'AUTOMATISME ET GENIE DES PROCEDES, FRANCE) by professor A. Fessi, which allows for the implantation of radio-elements for therapeutic purposes. Both AAA and CERMA collaborate with the LAGEP. Lastly, there is the TMT technology (Targeted Multi Therapies) developed at CERMA (CENTRE D'ETUDE ET DE RECHERCHE MEDICALE D'ARCHAMPS, FRANCE) by Doctor H. Mehier. This method delivers an active agent (the treatment) locally through an implantable and biocompatible micro-tube so as to increase the efficiency of the treatment and decrease the side effects. The purpose of this EUREKA project is to set up the ARC technology to treat cancerous tumours with the help of radioactive nano-particles locally implanted using the TMT technique. INBARCA is offering extraordinary innovation, namely: - To manufacture the injectable product when it is not radioactive. - To irradiate it just before the injection in an inexpensive process, also avoiding dangerous goods shipping. - To use short-lived isotopes allowing for repeated treatment therapy. The partners believe that this technique can be extremely efficient for the treatment of a variety of non-operable cancers. Keywords: brachytherapy, ARC (Adiabatic Resonance Crossing).
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3 525
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1 160 000.00€
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Cytology, Cancerology, Oncology
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Drug delivery and other equipment (including kidney dialysis machines)

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