Fire detection system based on intelligent processing of infrared and visible images

Advanced fire detection system based on the computerised
analysis of images taken by 2 video cameras operating in the
infrared and visible field respectively

The prevention of major disasters is frequently dependent on the use of effective fire protection systems. Many types of fire detectors have been developed in past years but they still show strong sensitivity and selectivity limitations. In particular, present infrared detection systems are limited in their performance by the problem of false alarms and they are not able to offer good spacial resolution. The aim of this project is the development of an advanced fire detection system based on the computerized analysis of the images taken by two video cameras operating respectively in the infrared and visible field. The two cameras would be fixed or mounted on orientable skid controlled by the main computer. Visible images are taken to give a realistic representation of the observed facilities since IR pictures are of difficult interpretation by humans. When the system is working at night it can use the visible images recorded during the day unless a special highly sensitive camera is used. The system would perform a sophisticated IR image processing being able to detect fires also in presence of hot bodies or other radiation sources. The use of IR images as a primary signal and the flexibility of software procedures to discriminate a fire from spurious IR sources are at the base of the potential outstanding performance of the proposed system in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. A synthetic image displaying a coloured fire profile on the black and white background of the facilities would be synthesized by the computer for surveying personnel. An alarm could also be given automatically without the need for a human control of the processed images. The system would also be applicable as a security system to prevent sabotage by detection of human bodies in the darkness.
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