Multi-purpose anti-pollution craft

Prototype vessel and equipment capable of carrying out
various operational functions for the safeguarding of the
environment both along shorelines and in inland water areas.

This proposal for a research project refers to the study, and the successive design and development of the prototype of a vessel and its relative equipment, able to carry out various operational functions for the safeguarding of the environment both along sea shorelines and those of internal water expanses. Its aim is the development, either ex-novo or through modifications and improvements of the existing vessels, of a vehicle with elevated operative capacity in a wide variety of conditions such as rivers and lakes, port areas with shallow water, open sea etc. as well as the development of specialised equipment for the monitoring of water and sediments and the removal of solid waste and oil. The services offered by the vessel may be subdivided, for explanatory purposes only and not limited to this subdivision, in the following areas of operation: - Relief work and verification of the environmental safeguarding infrastructures - Location and control of urban waste discharge pipes, both agricultural and industrial - Continuous control fo the physical, chemical and biological parameters of water and sediment - Removal of floating solid or oily waste material - Temporary storage of waste material gathered before recycling or disposal - Water oxygenation - Emergency off-shore antipollution operations The project will be carried out in three successive stages. At the end of the first stage the lines of development being followed will be verified and if necessary corrected.
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660 000.00€
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