Development of an innovative malaxing prototype for technological oil mills. Phenolic and aromatic oil characterisation

Overall optimisation of extra virgin olive oil processing: development of a new malaxing prototype. The application of the innovative technology will yield a new extra virgin olive oil while prestigious r & d centres will characterise it.

The production of extra virgin olive oil has been known since antiquity; however in recent years there has been an increasing interest in its healthy and organoleptic properties. Through this project we aim to achieve the selective synthesis and extraction of those phenolic and aromatic compounds that positively define our extra virgin olive oil and make it a unique product. This project involves the creation and development of a new malaxing prototype for a high technological oil mill. Through malaxing, the oil is released from the oil cells it is encapsulated by. The malaxing procedure is critical for oil yield and oil quality; the main parameters of influence are the malaxing period and the temperature. On the one hand, the holding time allows for a better separation while the higher temperature favours oil separation, however on the other hand, an increase in temperature and malaxing time has a very negative influence on natural antioxidants and vitamin content, moreover an homogenous temperature is very difficult to achieve. To sum up the malaxing procedure in an extraction oil mill is still an unsolved process. We intend providing a solution through this project and creating an innovative malaxing machine. The project will be divided into a first stage involving the development of the new prototype, followed by a second stage in which a second prototype will be made including all the modifications and improvements that have come up in the study of the first one. An industrial malaxing machine will be the final outcome of the project. The relationship between the phenolic and aromatic profile of an extra virgin olive oil and the malaxing conditions has never been studied, although we know that there is an extraordinary interrelation. We will focus our essays and studies with the new prototype on the following parameters: 1. Heating temperature and the time taken to achieve it. 2. Oxidative conditions in the malaxing procedure. 3. Malaxing time. During project development, studies on the phenolic and aromatic profile of the new extra virgin olive oil obtained will be made by prestigious R & D Centres (CIFA DE VENTA DEL LLANO - JAEN AND INSTITUTO DE LA GRASA DE SEVILLA) as well as a study of the chemical and organoleptic stability of the product. As the extraction system is not the only determining factor in the extra virgin olive oil quality, work and research in olive-growing will be carried out in order to achieve the maximum extra virgin olive oil quality. The main axis of this research will be to work on the: 1. Design and comparison of different olive-harvest methods. 2. Study of short irrigation. Influence on the oil quality. 3. Study of minority olive variety and synergy with majority olive varieties in the extra virgin olive oil we produce. 4. Study of yield problems in some olive varieties. Keywords: extra olive oil, malaxing prototype.
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1 240 000.00€
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Food Processing
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Cultivation of cereals / crops / vegetables

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