European rail cargo portal

Development of a central system for rail freight transport based on a concentration of information, web applications and demands from different applications operated out of the portal, to serve users as the information source, guide and navigator.

The aim of the project is to develop an information system - a public Internet portal that will be a unique place on the Internet gathering information on rail transport (not road, air and water transport) of goods (not passenger transport) from Europe and parts of Asia. The portal will serve users of rail freight transport, transport providers, as well as information providers from this sector. The portal will be the place where: (1) Information to other Internet sources are systematically concentrated (a guide and navigator in the form of catalogue links, a so-called 'Reference part of the portal'). (2) General information is published (a so-called 'Editorial part of the portal'). (3) Information is situated (texts, lists, databases, etc., a so-called 'Information part of the portal'). (4) Internet applications are operated (a so-called 'Internal application part of the portal') and demands for information from different applications operated out of the portal are concentrated (a so-called 'External application part of the portal'). (1) Reference portal part content: - Register of services offered in this sector. - Lists of subjects operating in rail freight transport, including their catalogue categorisation and contacts (railway companies, infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, wagon owners, forwarders, supranational organisations, associations and federations, civil service authorities, transport publishing, schools, research institutions, companies specialised in other services, etc.). - Railway legislation library (links to Internet sources). - Information on railway infrastructures (links to information on rail nets, profiles, etc.). - Loading restrictions for stations/railways and information of a similar character. (2) Editorial portal part content: - Railway transport in itself; expert and well-arranged articles. - Adviser for rail transport of goods. - Journalistic items (interviews, articles, analysis, etc.). - Actions and invitations to conferences, seminars, trainings, trade fairs, etc. - Updates; News; Discussion. - General and custom advertising. (3) Information portal part content: - Information on railway infrastructure (lines, tracks, stations, line categories, etc.). - Distances in rail freight transport. - Information on vehicle and wagon catalogues. - Code lists and databases used in rail freight transport. - Information on goods; search and translation engines of goods names. - Tariffs and information on prices, tools for calculation and optimisation of the price for the transport of goods. - Filling and printing of transport documents. - Railway legislation library (in language versions). (4) Application portal part content: - Electronic rail map and tools for consignment position displaying. - Statistic data processing (use of mathematic and statistic methods on public or internal data). - Queries into railway systems transmission. - Wagon position search engines and wagon dispatching. - Timetables and freight train reservation transmission. Keywords: railway transport, Internet portal, information.
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3 579
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Project costs: 
800 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Internet Technologies
Market Area: 
Railways, Trains

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