European welding consultant tool

The main objective is to develop a virtual environment to be used as a hub for consulting services and education. The hub will consist of a production unit for developing content relevant to the industry.

INTRODUCTION 'A Virtual Consultant (VC) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilising advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VC assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis.' Virtual consultant is the current trend in the outsourcing of business support services, characterised by professionals, themselves business owners, providing customised and very personal administrative, creative, and technical services to their clients. The Key is the Relationship The key to virtual consultancy is the relationship that is developed with the client. It is a partnership with both parties working toward the goals of the client, and this cannot exist without collaboration, trust, and long-term commitment. The value of the relationship grows exponentially as a result of the assistant's increasing understanding of the client - their style, their values, their likes and dislikes, their goals. As the relationship develops and grows, a virtual assistant can act with increasing intuition. In addition, the more a virtual consultant knows about the client, the fewer instructions and less time they need to make it happen. However - a relationship can only be created through personal interaction. Personal interaction means that people are able to communicate also visually in order to understand the body language in combination with oral presentation and other visual aids. The broadband technology combined with interactive video enables us to utilise such interaction today, thus creating personal relationships. Virtual Consultants: * Are independent consultants who offer a variety of support via current technology. * Play many roles: personal and professional assistants, welding adviser, training adviser, tutor, creator of specialised training courses, etc. * Are long-term partners who aim to solve the business services needs for the long term. * Work from their own offices, using their own equipment through to international relationships. * Are always available in any time zone and around the globe. * Creates an embedded solution as a service provider of niche oriented know-how. Keywords: 3G, consulting, virtual training, streaming content.
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1 750 000.00€
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E-Publishing, Digital Content
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Consulting services

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