Production of innovative material with excellent acoustic properties, solving the problem of sound in metal construction

The proposed project is devoted to solving the problem of sound in metal construction by developing a new material with excellent acoustic properties

The proposed project is devoted to solving the problem of sound in metal construction by developing a new material with excellent acoustic properties. The main problem with metal constructions is the annoying sound which is accelerated by the: 1. 'Inside noise' - the metal roofs bounce and accelerate the sound, so by the time the sound is produced and has bounced back from the roof it comes back significantly louder. 2. 'Outside noise' - for example the noise of rain makes the sound inside the metal structure significantly louder as the noise is transferred via the air and the construction itself. This presents a big problem in work environments as the noise reduces work efficiency and jeopardises the well being of the employees. According to EU legislation, production noise should not exceed 85 dB (decibel). It is expected that EU legislation coming into force in 2006 will further reduce that limit to 82 dB. The solutions can be offered through the material, with two main purposes: 1. The absorption of sound in space. 2. Acoustic insulation. Within the project a new innovative material will be developed with the following characteristics: 1. Innovative (There is no knowledge of a similar product already on the market. Other solutions are offered, however this material will be simpler and more affordable than the existing ones; certain acquired properties of the material are not compatible (e.g. demand for certain acoustic properties and ability to laminate) - optimal solutions will have to be found within the proposed project. 2. Excellent acoustic isolation properties. 3. Thermal insulator. 4. Dampness-friendly. 5. Ease of application and durability. 6. Environment and manipulation-friendly. 7. Competitive with existing products on the construction markets (shorter production time, lower energy consumption, affordable price at better quality). 8. Suitable for worldwide market (affordable, appropriate for use in any environment). The Slovenian partner has recognised the need for such a product on the market given the overall trend, where the focus is on the importance of noise protection. The trend is evident in the market, where more and more sheet metal roofing tiles are being offered to end-customers. Similarly, EU documents state: 'Noise is one of the environmental issues that Member States' authorities must consider when issuing permits to operators of large industrial and agricultural installations covered by the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive 96/61/EC[28]'. The project will be implemented by the Slovenian company FILC D.D, a specialist in the manufacture of technical textiles, as well as the French industrial and commercial corporative CSTB, Europe's leading research and evaluation centre. FILC D.D. has been active in the field of technical textiles since 1937 and has already proved itself on the European market as one of the top players, however in order to develop further and to stay-in-the-game, it has to strengthen its position on the market and acquire new customers - this can only be achieved through investing in research and technological development and offering an innovative, high quality and affordable product. CSTB's main quest has always been to improve wellbeing and safety in buildings. It plies four complementary trades: research, advanced engineering, quality assessment and the dissemination of knowledge. The centre has been pioneering research in the field of acoustics in buildings, by developing different measuring systems, software etc. Its reason for participating in this particular project is twofold; firstly to advance the research in this field and secondly to succeed in marketing. The project will be implemented through the following work packages: - Research of optimal parameters for the new innovative material. - Development of the material. - Testing the acoustics and other parameters in the laboratory. - Setting optimal parameters in the industrial process and making the material. - Testing the material in a real environment. - Pre-competitive market research. - Management. Keywords: material, sound.
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480 000.00€
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Textiles Technology
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