Advanced coating of interior of tanks for rising environmental safety of tankers

Development of the new approach for tanker structure protection by coating of internal space of tanks with polyurethane layer? For fulfilling of international anti-pollution requirements.

Several serious damages of cargo transporting ships during last years caused heavy pollution of environment. These accidents resulted in international efforts to increase the safety of cargo ships. One of most risky group of such ships is tankers. New regulations put obligation to introduce to its structure double-hulled construction instead of a single-skin applied so far. This requirement is now mandatory for new tankers and a phase-out of old vessels has been internationally agreed. The project's objective is to develop, test and implement a new technology - coating of internal space of cargo tanks with polyurethane layer. Such technology supports reducing pollution of the environment in cases of accidents. It is expected that the new technology saves manufacturing costs and increases the safety with an elastic coating layer. Due to fact that basic strength characteristics of such elastic coating as well as technology of its application into marine structures are not widely known, there is a problem of implementation of such a new idea into ship hull design. This project will start with the determination of general requirements for such novel coating application, basic required properties and external regulations. Three parts of research will be carried out in the early stage of the project: - obtaining requirements from approval authorities, - determination of ship hull structure and general specification of layers properties, - selection of layer components and technology of its application. In the later stage of the project, selected results of the first stage will be precised by numerical calculations and laboratory tests of specimens both for pure coating materials as well as coated steel. Those results will be the baseline for definition of the final full-scale testing program for obtaining the detailed characteristics of the novel coating technology. The last part of the proposed project will focus on the business exploitation. (POLAND) GDANSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology as well as (POLAND) GDANSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - Faculty of Chemistry performed a number of research projects and their implementation together with the industry. GDANSK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY WIDE experience with advanced solution of technical, transport and new materials problems will provide excellent synergy with the capability of (POLAND) SINUS Design, (GERMANY) GERMANISCHER LLOYD: classification society provides knowledge and experience as well as current rule requirements, and (THE NETHERLANDS) WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY and Research Centre potential. Keywords: environment protection, polyurethane coats, tanker safety.
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3 614
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1 250 000.00€
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Naval Transport, Ships, Boats

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