Our aim in this project is to design a system that improves animal nutrition and its manufacture, whereby the microbial charge is decreased, the pellet palatable quality is increased, the automatic system is more efficient and optimal mixes of substances are used.

The idea of the FEEDHYTECH project arises from the search for quality improvement in animal nutrition on a microbiological and palatable basis. UVESA is looking to develop an automatic system in order to obtain an integrated processing line. The objective of the project is to create a system to improve quality in reference to animal nutrition. This system must be effective and easy to use. It should allow for substance additions in order to improve animal feed quality. Technology would be based on a combination of preservative and a mixture of surfactants (this combination must be previously evaluated under laboratory conditions). The evaluation results must improve the microbiological hygiene and palatable flavour of present animal feed. This combination will be incorporated into the granulating and moisturising line process by the automatic system mentioned above. The partnership in charge of the study is made up of KEMIN EUROPA (from BELGIUM) and the Spanish companies INVESTIGACIONES TECNICAS VETERINARIAS S.L. and UVE S.A. All of these members are involved in the study of new products and processes for animal care. Since their foundation, INVESTIGACIONES TECNICAS VETERINARIAS and the project coordinator UVESA have been devoted to the development of new management implements for the pig and poultry industries. The reason for studying the combination of preservatives and surfactants comes from the chemical properties that this combination supplies to the feed ingredients. Due to the restrictive water properties that surfactants and acid agents have, they are used for increasing pellet digestion and microbiological growth control. The automatic system and the combination of substances researched will become an innovation for the livestock sector. Technological limitations arise from the stabilisation of products during the work of the processing line and the search for an effective automatic system. The technical method used is a moisturising process before dosage. This method is adopted as it gives us the best results for a homogeneous dosage. It also has to be remembered that to obtain a hygienic final product, heat treatment with an optimal humidity level is better than those without this treatment. The automatic system includes temperature and humidity controls at several points during the process, for example in the reception zone of the ingredients, the dosage zone, the cooler and the external installation zone. We will also have more advantages with the moisturising process: Firstly, a higher final humidity level helps to develop chemical reactions between the added substances and the ingredients; and secondly, the granulating process is more easily carried out. The objective of the project will be reached by means of these points mentioned above. The automatic system will include several modules for controlling the temperature and humidity periodically (at least three points) using computer support. By means of these modules we can programme the moisturising process to obtain optimal results. Therefore, UVESA will carry out the specific objectives mentioned below: 1. To search for a system installed on-line that decreases the microbial load in feed ingredients and the final product. 2. To search for a system that improves the pellet palatable quality. 3. To search for feed ingredients that improve the efficiency of the automatic system without changes in the qualitative and quantitative formula. 4. To search for the optimal combination of substances that provides us with the pellet qualities mentioned above. Finding a system with these features and an on-line working procedure will enable factories to get the same production capacity but with a higher quality. This fact improves the final factory outputs. Animal feed factories pass this onto farms, animals (better growth and better incomes) and farmers. Keywords: palatable, flavour, animal nutrition, animal feed factory.
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3 631
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740 000.00€
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Animal Selection/Production / Husbandry technology
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Animal Husbandry

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