Enabling end-to-end service networks using an mrv optical ethernet solution and prosilient network performance platform

The technical goal is to provide the functionality of a prosilient pt-analyser software platform in mrv's optical access equipment, in order to build an end-to-end service platform for a carrier environment.

Enabling end-to-end service networks using an MRV Optical Ethernet solution and PROSILIENT Network performance platform. Enterprise and residential subscribers continue to seek higher speed broadband access services. Enterprises across the spectrum now aspire to connect multiple sites over cost effective scalable point to point, point to multipoint internal networks, for LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) interconnection and special applications not limited to storage, disaster recovery and back up applications. As this trend gains momentum, it is clear that there is a huge business opportunity emerging for scalable, reliable and cost effective broadband services. Residential customers also continue to demand new and innovative voice, video and data services for entertainment, gaming, telephony and Internet access applications. Carriers planning to target residential applications with 'triple play' service offerings have a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from incumbent service providers. In order to meet market requirements, service providers today offer end-to-end commitment for different voice, video and data services with flexible SLAs (Service Legal Agreements) from 64 Kbps (Kilobytes per second) with granularity of 1kbs increments up to 1Gb (Gigabyte). The MRV Optical Ethernet Access solution uniquely enables a service provider to create service offerings unmatched by any other platform. Of significant mention is that the SLAs and end-to-end management and maintenance across the network is very important. Some examples: - E-Line Services; - Fractional Ethernet Virtual Private lines with different SLA (different QoS (Quality of Service) and network availability); - Dedicated Ethernet Virtual Private Lines; - E-LAN Services; - Multipoint-to-multipoint Transparent LAN Services with different SLA capabilities; - Managed Storage Services over Ethernet Infrastructure; - Video Distribution and Delivery services for residential deployments; - Outsourced Dedicated Private Networks for Large Enterprises and Government Applications. One of the most important requirements when a carrier provides services is its ability to provide end-to-end management including SLA management for the Ethernet services across all the managed devices. The purposed of the project is to integrate the MRV Optical Ethernet Access solution with PROSILIENT monitoring, assessments and supervision of QoS performance management platforms in order to provide a state-of-the-art commercial Turnkey Platform for Integrated (Voice, Video and Data) Services for networking service provides. The Test bed role in the project (ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Stockholm). In order to meet the project goals, we will integrate the MRV Optical Ethernet Access platform with the PROSILIENT service management system by using MRV R & D and installations based throughout the years on PROSILIENT measurement expertise, in order to co-develop the end-to-end unique service platform that provides all the features from the networking and management aspects and to address different deployment methodologies needed to take the final step towards service commercialisation. In addition to the test beds in MRV's and PROSILIENT's R & D laboratories as well as the KTHNoc, it is important to test the project's outcome in a real customer environment. The planned customer beta test bed is in an operator's network. The role of the customer test bed is significant. Keywords: data communication, IP (Internet Protocol) QoS, metro ethernet.
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3 671
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800 000.00€
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Network Technology, Network Security
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Communications services

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