Automatic systems for frontage cleaning and dry stripping

To develop automatic devices for the cleaning and stripping of paint on frontages using ecological media like cereal crops. The system will work in a close circuit in order to recuperate the waste and recycle the media

The project's aim is to develop a system for cleaning and stripping the paint of building frontages using ecological media like cereal crops, olives or apricot stones, etc., and developing automatic devices to work in a close circuit in order to recuperate the waste, sort it and recycle about 65% of the media. The system will be made up of: - a stripping head which works at a low pressure to avoid vegetable abrasives being too aggressive, - blowers automatically controlled, - a data processing system controlling the flow, the pressure and the granulometry. This cleaning method is designed to protect the workers against the toxicity of chemical products which are used today. It also solves the problem of dangerous and polluting waste disposal. Keywords: stripping 4544, painting, vegetable media.
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3 678
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2 020 000.00€
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Environment technology
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Other construction and Building Products Related

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