Development of high performance grain harvesting with increased flow and low loss technology

New straw chaff procedure for a significant increase in the threshing process in combine harvesters through a lasting reduction of the straw volume passing machines.

The main goal is the development of a new procedure for a lasting increase in combine efficiency by significantly increasing the grain flow performance accompanied by low fruit loss during the threshing process. This goal is to be achieved by combining a new straw chaffing procedure offering a significant increase in the threshing process due to a significant reduction in the straw volume accessing the combine, and an ear stripper header attachment or a classic harvesting header under high cut application. In order to fulfil this requirement, the currently existing combine technology needs to be addressed. The procedure of straw chaffing is the central issue of this technology. Combine experts during a colloquium at HOHENHEIM UNIVERSITY, GERMANY, 2005, even emphasized that 'energetically today's procedure is not sensible - advancements of the harvesting attachment resolutions for preventing the straw volume from passing the combine body are an obvious alternative' (quotation: article from EILBOTE - technical literature on combine colloquium Hohenheim / GERMANY 2005). Inevitably this demand means that straw transport through combine threshing and corn separation equipment has to be drastically reduced. It is absolutely necessary to think about the development of a new straw chaffing device located directly behind the front attached harvesting unit of the combine. For cutting with simultaneous mulching, new chaff technology combined with basic harvesting requirements has to be developed. This means that the currently existing, classic flail technology will not work because neither the space nor the required energy resources are available to operate these systems. In reference to the new procedure, the assumption is that no or only small portions of soil and foreign body contacts are expected. Cutting and chaffing processes while harvesting run predominantly at gleaning height (10 - 15 cm above ground), which enables the new technology to be much smaller and therefore less heavy. A further central restriction for the new chaff procedure has to be seen in the demand that the chaff system be integrated into the design area between the front harvesting attachment and the front axle of the combine. Additionally the power supply of the unit has to be covered by existing drive resources of the combine. In combination with an ear stripper, the advantages will be further improved in terms of harvesting performance increase and resource decrease. Advantages of the new procedure: * Lasting increase in combine results. * Significant increase of the grain flow. * Less harvest losses. * Less power consumption. * Faster harvesting speed. * Reduction of the machine size (combine). * Increase of the harvesting yield quantity by faster crop rotation. Keywords: agrofood, industrial equipment and machinery.
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3 686
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900 000.00€
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Technologies for the food industry
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Cultivation of cereals / crops / vegetables

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