Development of system for quick detection of mycotoxins in swine and avian production and its influence on food safety

The present project will result in a system for quick mycotoxin detection in animal feedstuff, for swine and avian feeding. Animal infection and toxins making their way into the food chain will therefore be avoided.

The main objective of this project is focused on obtaining a quick system for mycotoxin detection in feed for the swine and poultry sectors. By means of this system, the aim is to make all the necessary controls faster, as these are not made as regularly and intensely as needed because of their high cost and the very long time needed for proper analysis. The main technological objectives include development of the methodology and the procedures for detection of mycotoxins in feed, and making the same form of the NIR calibration (Networked Information Resource) to be used in the diverse experiments planned in the project. At the strategic level, the aim is to obtain a system that complies with established regulations. This will presuppose acceptable costs and the possibility of adding value to the company products in relation to food safety. The economic objectives include commercialising the project results either by means of selling services to clients, or by means of selling the final product to large companies interested. Nowadays, the problem of mycotoxins in the farm sector has a great impact at different levels. Legislation requires collection and analysis of a large number of samples of raw materials, in order to determine the presence or absence of mycotoxins in the composition. There are negative effects of mycotoxins on animal health and on animal welfare. The main negative effects are: high mortality, pathological processes (Pulmonary Edema, carcinogenesis, reproductive problems, etc.) and diminution of production (eggs, piglets, etc.). The negative economic consequences of mycotoxins are important. Those consequences are: loss of animal feedstuff, reduction in the productivity of the animals, loss of incomes, increase in inspection costs and analysis costs, compensation by claims, final product reduction (rejected products...), etc. There are problems derived from the necessity to determine the mycotoxins in raw materials, some of the most important are: - The high price of each analysis, with a cost of approximately 35 euros. - The minimum time for providing results is three days. - It is not possible to acquire patterns of reference for any mycotoxin. - Administrations require periodic analyses. - Sanitary and productive problems by its consumption. - Danger of passing into the food chain. Keywords: mycotoxins, animal health, swine and poultry.
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3 772
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2 020 000.00€
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Nutrition and Health
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Animal Husbandry

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