Innovative power quality equipment

A family of current clamp sensors/meters will be developed and made compatible with existing metrel measurement equipment. Together with upgraded metrel instruments, the field applications in power quality measuring will be improved.

In SPAIN, the REBT (Low Voltage Electrotechnical by-law) obliges installers to have a current clamp meter. For this reason and due to GRUPO TEMPER's commitment to improving its power quality measurement products, the company has developed a new professional power/leakage current clamp meter. An inbuilt DSP (Downstream Processing) processor and display enables autonomous testing of power quality parameters, such as harmonic distortion, real, apparent and reactive powers etc. This clamp meter is almost finished and is in the stage of final prototyping prior to serial production. Contactless measuring of currents with current clamps is also gaining importance in other domains. For instance, if measuring leakage or load currents/power consumption of fixed connected electrical equipment, the current clamp measurement is often the only acceptable method. PAM-002 aims to upgrade the existing solutions. A new family of current clamps will be developed and will be suitable for METREL measuring instruments. GRUPO TEMPER will develop further models of standard (iron core) current clamps. METREL will develop a family of flexible (flexible core) current clamps. All clamps will be perfectly suited to METREL measuring instruments. Together with functional (hardware and software) upgrades of METREL testers, the range of applications will be significantly increased. 1. Development of a family of new current clamps - New standard iron core current clamp models will be developed. Standard clamp features: Price-sensitive applications, Precision measurements, Leakage current measurements. - New flexible core current clamp models will be developed. Flexible clamps are popular in power quality measurements, since they have advantages over iron models: Flexibility and ability to embrace larger items, smaller dimensions for testing higher currents (more than 1000A), no iron saturation problems, insensitive to DC (Direct Current) currents, and a much larger frequency range. Through a complete range of standard and flexible clamps, the field of covered applications will become very wide. Typical applications will be: * Analysing and troubleshooting power quality problems (in all segments: power plants, industry, residential sites), * Verification and troubleshooting of electrical installations (verification, retesting, troubleshooting), * Periodic testing and maintenance of electrical equipment (type testing, maintenance, periodic testing of appliances, machines, IT (Information Technology equipment, etc.)). Together with METREL measuring instruments, the current clamps will form a professional and cost effective solution for all applications mentioned above. 2. Development of special models of current clamps for power quality analysers, and upgrading of METREL power quality analysers. In power measurements, the dynamic range of tested currents is very large, from mA (milliAmpere) to several thousand Ampere. Therefore clamps with adjustable current ranges or different clamp models must be used to cover all applications. It would be a big advantage if the measuring instrument could communicate with current clamps. In this way: the clamp model could be recognised, clamp measuring error could be compensated, and the proper measuring range could be automatically recognised or set. Special models of current clamps with inbuilt electronics for Power Quality analysers will be developed. In combination with METREL's power quality analysers, the features mentioned will be provided. METREL will develop a flex clamp model for standard power applications whereas GRUPO TEMPER will develop a leakage clamp model that will allow for disclosing and analysing all kinds of power quality problems caused by spurious leakage currents in power installations. METREL power meters and analysers will be upgraded as appropriate. A very important upgrade will be the implementation of leakage current analyses. As a result, the power quality troubleshooting applications will be significantly improved compared to existing applications. Keywords: amperimetric clamp, power quality, measuring.
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3 782
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990 000.00€
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Electrical Technology related to measurements
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Components testing equipment

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