Computer based scales

Electronic platform for the design and development of pc scales

For some years, we have been developing a solution for retail scales based on the hardware and software of a standard PC (Personal Computer). There are some developments in the market, but to date this solution has not been applied in the market. It was not very successful, due mainly to the high cost per unit in comparison to the traditional scales. The advantages of the PC scale did not justify the high investment, especially in supermarket chains with a high number of installations per year. But lately, not only in SPAIN but also in other European countries, the situation of the market is changing. Cost reductions in the components of PC are leading supermarket chains and even small independent shops to consider the PC scale as a real alternative to the traditional products For all this, DIBAL has decided to undertake the development of this project, which is necessary today for the following reasons: - Our main competitors are entering these developments, and in some cases with solutions developed that use old technology and that are being updated with new hardware and software components. - The market is seriously demanding it subject to offering comprehensive prices that justify the advantages of the product. - The advantages of the PC scale are different and important: * As the scale is an element of the supermarket information system, it is important that it be treated as the other elements - PCs, POS, printers, etc. The aim of this project is to design and develop an electronic platform that enables the design and development of PC scales, on a modular basis and in a configurable way, which are easily and automatically compatible with any PC system. The development of this new configuration allows for the contribution of new features for the scales, counting on compatible systems that communicate with other systems by means of standard protocols. Moreover, it provides higher added value. The project is also focused on the development of a technology for application with the retail scales. However, once the technology has been developed, it will be possible to adapt it to the industrial weighing systems and equipment, which will mean an important technological step as well as a novel feature. The specific aims of this project are as follows: * To develop an electronic platform with PC technology that enables the development of the future product range of DIBAL. * To develop a technology compatible with other systems, in open environments, offering high flexibility to clients. * To step forward in programming languages by moving to .net, java and linux technologies as the basis for the future strategy of DIBAL. * To develop a technological platform that allows communication with any communication system: cable, radiofrequency, wireless, zigbee, etc. * To develop a technological platform that allows the user to use DIBAL products to weigh products as well as to undertake any other activity related with the PC, so that different features are integrated in a single system - until now, two systems have been required. Keywords: scale, measurement, computer.
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3 811
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2 300 000.00€
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Electronic measurement systems
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