Ship sensor technology for better operational efficiency and performance control

Aims at development of an integrated system enabling the gathering and integration of real-time sensor data leading to better, efficient, silent and fuel-saving ship operations, safe and fast navigation and pro-active ship maintenance.

A major bottleneck for the further increase of maritime transport, as an alternative for transport in Europe (model shift), is length and unpredictability of travel time and the relatively high share of fuel charges (65%) in the total operational costs of ships. With the SHIPSENSE EUREKA-project, the partners aim at the development of a revolutionary new approach to manage fuel costs, navigation, operation and maintenance. SHIPSENSE provides the crew and the owner with real-time information and advice on the state and performance of all propulsion and steering systems on-board. This is achieved by sensing ship propulsion parameters, which could up until now not be measured, and by decision support systems. The latter provide clear information on the efficiency of the propulsors and on the health state of the machinery. This enables the ship crew and management to achieve a faster, safer and more fuel-efficient operation. The maintenance of the ship can be planned on the basis of the health prediction of the machinery. SHIPSENSE provides a new control layer between the present day individual propulsion control and the bridge navigational control systems. This is a totally new approach, requiring the reliable and accurate measurement of parameters, such as propeller thrust, ship orientation and drift, advance speed of the water to the propeller and fuel mass flow. The control layer will intelligently process the present day data and the data of the new sensors, such that the crew and the owner can easily decide on maintenance schedules and ship manoeuvring practices, such that a tremendous saving is achieved on the fuel bill and the costs for unforeseen non-operation. The SHIPSENSE project consists of research and development on new sensors and decision support techniques. The results of these activities will be integrated into novel products for the new ship management control layer. SHIPSENSE is a new approach, which opens new ways of operation and maintenance after the conclusion of the development phases described in this report. The project partners are: * VAF INSTRUMENTS B.V. (NETHERLANDS) * WAERTSILAE PROPULSION NETHERLANDS B.V. (NETHERLANDS and applicant) * CETMEF (FRANCE) * IMAR GMBH (GERMANY) * SAM ELECTRONICS GMBH (GERMANY) * SEAFRANCE (FRANCE, end user) Each partner is a market leader in its domain. This brings top European expertise together and enables the consortium to bring this innovative SHIPSENSE system to the market. After completion of the SHIPSENSE project, a fuel saving of 5% or more for the ships equipped with the SHIPSENSE integrated product is achievable. SHIPSENSE provides: * Savings on costs of ownership. * Predictable maintenance. * Predictable travel times. * Safety of manoeuvring. * A cleaner environment. Keywords: integrated system, data fusion, promoficient.
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3 834
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4 760 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Shipbuilding technology
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Naval Transport, Ships, Boats

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