Study of the raw material incidence on composed animal feeding-stuff quality and safety

The project is focused on conducting a study into how raw material characteristics and composition may affect composed animal feeding-stuff quality and safety, by analysing their impact on the final product.

The main aim of the project is to conduct a study about how characteristics and the composition of raw materials may affect composed animal feeding-stuffs quality and safety, by analysing their impact on the final product. The project tries to study the incidence of raw materials used to feed the different animal species, as well as its passage into the food chain. The final objective is to establish different protocols and methodologies to guarantee production that is safe and free of food chain risks. There are many technological objectives however; the most important in this project are the following: - Study of different raw materials that are based on vitamin-mineral premixes for composed animal feeding-stuffs hygienisation. - Study of transgenic raw material incidences on animal feeding-stuffs quality and safety. - Analysis of the studied raw material incidences on the final product quality and safety. - Establishment of performance protocols to avoid pathogen agents passing into food chain. The study should be to consider all animal production chain stages, which are raw materials, composed animal feeding-stuffs, and carcasses for human consumption. Keywords: food quality & safety, animal feeding-stuffs, hygienisation.
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3 844
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1 450 000.00€
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Food quality and safety
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Animal Husbandry

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