Photonic crystal laser for medical diagnostic applications

To develop new technology that enables mass production of stable laser modules based on photonic crystals in the wavelength range 630-670 nanometers.

For years the development in electronics has been focused on size reduction and performance enhancement. In some applications the technological boundaries to current technologies have been reached. The development of new products for especially demanding applications, such as consumer medical diagnostics, is held back by the inability of the current state-of-the-art to meet the required performance criteria of these applications at an acceptable cost. Photonic crystal technology is expected to provide the technological breakthrough in opto-electronics for the next decades. It will greatly enhance the performance of current technologies and will open up completely new application areas. Due to changes in society, such as an ageing population, unhealthy nutrition habits and a growing number of obese people, the market for consumer medical products is booming. Photonic crystal technology combined with laser technology can provide the ingredient needed to develop low cost consumer diagnostic products that diagnostic equipment manufacturers have been waiting for. 2M ENGINEERING (NL), FOCE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL (NL), the Nanoscience Department at TU DELFT (NL), CST (UK) and RJR POLYMERS (US) will carry out a joint research and development project, PHOCRYLA (Photonic Crystal Laser), aimed at the development of a platform photonic crystal laser technology that can be used for the development of a range of photonic crystal lasers for medical diagnostic applications. By bringing together these partners, the fields of epitaxial growth of laser structures, of nanofabrication and nano-photonics, of laser design and laser technology and of the material science involved in delicate packaging are combined within one project. Through this partnership, all relevant disciplines are brought together to produce a substantial technological improvement. To have a focus and prove the concept and applicability in a consumer product, the project partners have chosen to focus at first on two applications: Raman Spectroscopy and Non-invasive Glucose measurement. The partners conduct R&D activities on a short wavelength, narrow line-width photonic crystal laser (630 - 670 nm) suitable for these medical diagnostic applications. Both applications have a huge market potential. Non-invasive glucose monitoring is one of the most sought-after devices in medical diagnostics with a total market exceeding 5 billion dollars. Raman Spectroscopy is also a rapidly growing market due to its applicability in an enormous number of markets ranging from medical diagnostics to chemical process analysis. The partnership covers the entire supply chain from R&D to marketing. All partners will perform research activities related to their specific field of expertise. 2M ENGINEERING is responsible for the integration of the different research subjects and overall project management. The project will open up new market opportunities for all partners involved and an opportunity for TU DELFT to implement its knowledge in an industrial application. After the development phase, it is the intention that the production of the lasers will be carried out by CST, and the integration and packaging the responsibility of 2M. 2M will have overall business responsibility for the product and will deal with the marketing and sales of the final modules. The photonic crystal laser will be sold as a module to diagnostics equipment manufacturers. Keywords: photonic crystal, laser nano-technology, medical diagnostics.
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3 846
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2 760 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Optical Networks and Systems
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Diagnostic test products and equipment

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